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Download: Restore Image for Titanium PowerBooks

By request, I have created a custom restore disc for Titanium PowerBooks. Though this image is built with PowerBooks in mind, it should also work with any Mac older than the FW800 MDD Power Mac G4 and newer than the original PowerBook G3.

Current version: 1.1, 18 March 2012.

Installation instructions (from the readme):
To install these files, you have two options: the preferred method is burning this image to a disc. To do this, you MUST use Toast (included) inside OS 9 to burn a bootable image. If using the included Toast 5 Titanium, click and hold on the Other tab at the main menu until a menu pops up. Select ‘Mac Volume’ from the list. With this disc mounted, click the select button and select Titanium Restore Disc. Uncheck all options except ‘Bootable’ and click on Record. Insert a CD or DVD (CDs are faster) and click on Record. Note that this image is already optimized. There is no need for Toast to do it for you.

When the image is done burning, put it into your computer’s CD drive and turn it on. Press and hold C until you see a Happy Mac, then wait for it to boot. When it does, copy all files to your hard disk. Before you reboot again, check your new System Folder’s icon. If it doesn’t have a Happy Mac on top of the folder, open it, drag the file labeled “Finder” to the desktop, put it back and close it. If another folder has a Happy Mac instead of this one, open the offending item and drag the file labeled “Finder” to the desktop. Open and close the new folder again until the icon appears, then put the file back in the old folder. Use Apple Menu->Control Panels->Startup Disk to select your new folder and reboot (it may seem unresponsive for a few seconds at first. This is normal.)

The second way to install is to copy all folders except perhaps the “Read Us” folder (your choice) to the top level of your hard disk. In a copy of Mac OS X running on the same machine, open Terminal from /Applications/Utilities/ and type (or copy-paste) “sudo bless --folder9 /System\ Folder/”, press return, type your password when asked and press return again. Note that it will appear as if you aren’t typing your password, but it will still accept it. Reboot.

If any of this fails, create a bootable disc if you haven’t already, boot from it and use :Applications (Mac OS 9):Utilities:Drive Setup ƒ:Drive Setup to update the disc driver. If this fails for any reason, try backing up your hard drive and reformatting using either Drive Setup on this disc or using Mac OS X’s Disk Utility with the “Install Mac OS 9 disk drivers” option checked.

(You can also clone this image to a USB drive >600 MB in size if you must. PowerPC Macs can boot OS 9 from USB, but not OS X.)

About this disc:
This disc is based off of the MDD Mac OS 9 image available available on Macintosh Garden based on the instructions on my blog. This disc is not factory: I have updated a few outdated components, removed Netscape Communicator 4, Internet Explorer 5, the FaxSTF installer and the Earthlink installer, installed A-Dock 3.0.1 (disableable by unchecking the “A-Dock Control” control panel and the “A-Dock” extension in Extensions Manager), Classilla 9.2.2 (web browser), ResEdit, Acuity (RSS reader), ClassicStumbler, Disenfectant, Tex-Edit Plus, AppleWorks 6, MacLink Plus 11, Toast 5 Titanium, the Virtual DVD-ROM/CD Utility, Disk Copy 6.5b13 (reads uncompressed .dmg files).

Known issues:
1. When booting off a read only copy of this image, some applications may default to standard settings. They will behave normally if the disc is writable. [Should be fixed with v1.1]
2. MacLink Plus reports that it has not been registered even though it should have been. The registration number is 5089376-9057. The License key is Q0A8-4D00C8549500. This will be fixed in the next version. These codes are available in an archive here. [MacLinkPlus removed in v1.1]
3. The disc image inside the Stuffit archive is read only under OS 9 but read-write under OS X. I will attempt to make it read only under OS X in the next version. In the mean time, selecting the disk in the Finder, choosing File->Get Info and checking the "Locked" checkbox before mounting it will make it read only. Note that you only need to do this if you intend to burn it to a disc.
4. Burning with ANY application besides Toast natively under Mac OS 9 will result in a non-bootable image. This cannot be corrected. Please read the third paragraph under Installation Instructions above to install using OS X and Terminal instead if you cannot burn an image in OS 9.

Version history:
1.1: Released on 18 March 2012. Updated Classilla, removed A-Dock and MacLink Plus in addition to several minor tweaks.
1.0: Initial release on 2 April 2011

Some of these files are considered Abandonware, meaning that the application is no longer sold and the only way to obtain it is through certain websites such as Macintosh Garden. Though I have used my discretion to avoid illegal distribution of these old apps, if you own the rights for any of these apps or act on behalf of somebody who does, you may feel free to contact me and ask me to remove the offending item(s).

Download here or here
297 MB download, 600 MB uncompressed. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a comment and I will do what I can to help.

Posted from a Titanium PowerBook G4: 1 GHz PowerPC G4, 1 GB of RAM, 250 GB HDD, TenFourFox 7450 4.0s, Mac OS 10.5.8. Alternate bootable partitions: Mac OS 10.4.11, Mac OS 9.2.2, Linux MintPPC 9.2.

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